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The boundaries of what I think of as Woking Town Centre, the Walton Road area and Sheerwater may not be the same as your interpretation, and any local authority or ecclesiastical boundaries may well have changed over time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, it may be in a neighbouring area or perhaps one of the more general sections.


For Instance I have included all the area between the railway and canal from Sheerwater Road to Victoria Way, but some may view the shops of Goldsworth Road & Guildford Road as being part of Woking Town Centre rather than 'Goldsworth' or 'Heathside'. Items on Wolsey Place and The Peacocks can be found here, together with items on the New Victoria (Ambassadors) Theatre (& Peacock's Cinema).


I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.


Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.



Deeds, Sales Brochures Etc.


I have been lent or given various deeds, sales brochures, etc., for properties all over the Woking area, some of which I have scanned an put on this site. The following relate to this area.



Chertsey Road


1923 Memorandum of Agreement



Maybury Road


1884 Conveyance


1884 Mortgage


1897 Mortgage


1913 Abstract of Title


1913 Mortgage


1914 Lease


1937 Conveyance


1937 Abstract of Title


1946 Conveyance


1946 Mortgage


1951 Conveyance


1951 Abstract of Title


1954 Abstract of Title


1966 Lease



Monument Road & Pollard Road


1933 Auction Brochure



Walton Road


1945 Conveyance


1946 Abstract of Title


1946 Conveyance


1959 Mortgage



Items Relating to Local Businesses


A number of items relate to local businesses, such as brochures, magazines, invoices etc. They are listed here.



1863 Staines, Egham & Woking Junction Railway


1910c E.G. Marshall, Butchers Brochure


1920 Woking Co-operative Pictorial Souvenir


Woking Co-op Society Magazine (Mar 1922)


1936 Catalogue (No 50) Skeet & Jeffes Ltd


1937 (Sep) Programme for The Ritz Cinema


1940's Hugh Butcher's War Damaged Shop Front Designs


1952 Wine Store Chertsey Road Price List


1953 Wine Store Chertsey Road Price List


1954-5 Tyler's Price List


1981 Woking Business Park Opening


Woking Ford News Extra (Jan 86)


Performance Focus on Woking (Phillips Petroleum) (Sep 1987)



Items Relating to Local Organisations


Some items relate to local charities and organisations and such as political parties, uniformed organisations, societies, and religious groups.



1904 (Nov) Woking Amateur Dramatic Club Programme (at the Woking Public Hall)


1911 (May) Christ Church Parish Magazine


1916 (Jan) Christ Church Parish Magazine


1922 Woking & Horsell War Memorial Official Opening


1925 Woking Operatic Society Programme (Merrie England at The Place, Duke Street)


1926 Woking Operatic Society Programme (The Gondoliers at The Palace, Duke Street)


1928 Woking Operatic Society Programme (Yeoman of the Guard at Woking Central Hall)


1933 Woking & District Chamber of Trade (Dinner at The Albion Hotel)


1939 Harold Fielding's Wartime Entertainment Programme (at The Atalanta)


1940's Boxing in aid of Russian Red Cross Fund


1941 Weyside Singers Programme in Aid of the Polish Relief Fund (at The Atalanta)


1942 Warship Week Boxing Tournament (at The Grand Theatre)


1954 Sheerwater Gardening Association Show Programme


1955 Trinity Methodist Jubilee Bazaar


1955 (Dec) Liberty - Organ of the Woodham & Sheerwater Ward (Woking Labour Party)


1956 (Apr) Liberty - Organ of the Woodham & Sheerwater Ward (Woking Labour Party)


1957 Woking Victoria Hospital New Ward Opening


1972 Trinity Methodist Church Centenary


1978 Proteus (Nov & Dec) Programme for Rock Me Gently at the Rhoda McGaw Theatre


1995 (Feb) Maybury Centre Review





The 4th Woking Scout Group Newsletter


(1968-69) (1970) (1971) (1972)



Sheerwater Pylon & Post


When the Sheerwater Estate was first built, the local residents’ association produced a monthly magazine known as the Sheerwater Pylon. I was lent copies of some of the magazines, as well as one called the Sheerwater Post that was produced in October 1953. There are some missing editions, so if you have one that is not here, please get in touch.


(Dec 1952) (Apr 1953) (Jun 1953) (Jul 1953) (Dec 1953) (Jan 1954) (Feb 1954) (Mar 1954) (April 1954) (May 1954) (June 1954) (July 1954) (Aug 1954) (Sep 1954) (Oct 1954) (Feb 1955) (Jun 1956) (Oct 1956) (Dec 1956) (Jan 1957) (Feb 1957) (Mar 1957) (Apr 1957) (May 1957) (May-Jun 1958) (Nov 1958) (Apr 1959) (Dec 1959) (Feb 1960) (Jul 1965)



Woking New Town Centre & The Peacocks


A number of documents relate to the building of Woking New Town Centre – The Centre Halls, Centre Pool, Library and what became Wolsey Place – as well as The Peacocks. I have grouped them together here for ease of reference.



1965 Woking Town Centre Redevelopment Road Proposals


1970s County Hall Proposal


1970's Woking Centre Halls Plans


1970s Woking Centre Halls Brochure


1970s Woking Centre Halls and Leisure Centre Catering Brochure


1970s Woking Library - A New Look


1973 Woking Centre Pool Opening


1988 The Peacocks Update


1988 The Peacocks Plans


1991 Woking Town Centre Vision & Reality


1992 The Peacocks Entertainment


1992 The Peacocks Opening


1992 Peacocks Family Funday


1996 (Mar-May) Rhoda McGaw Theatre Programme


1996 (Sep-Dec) Rhoda McGaw Theatre Programme



New Victoria Theatre


(Feb/Mar 1993) (May/Jun 1993) (Jun/Jul 1994) (Summer 1996) (Winter 1996/1997) (Winter 1998/1999)



New Victoria Theatre Programmes


1993 Scrooge; 1996 Show Stoppers; 1994-1995 Goldilocks & the Three Bears; 1995-1996 Dick Whittington; 1996-1997 Cinderella; 1997-1998 Snow White







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