The boundaries of what I think of as Maybury Hill, Heathside and Mount Hermon may not be the same as your interpretation, and any local authority or ecclesiastical boundaries may well have changed over time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, it may be in a neighbouring area or perhaps one of the more general sections.

For Instance I have included in this area all of the land south of the main London to Portsmouth line from the edge of the Bansbury Estate and Old Hill (currently the edge of the 'urban area'), down to the north-bank of the Hoe Stream and along to the ancient boundary with Pyrford. I have, however, included the whole of Woking Park (even the Leisure Centre on the south-bank of the Hoe Stream), as well as the   Maybury Estate and roads off East Hill/Sandy Lane that would originally have been part of Pyrford.

I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.

Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.


Deeds, Sales Brochures Etc.

I have been lent or given various deeds, sales brochures, etc., for properties all over the Woking area, some of which I have scanned an put on this site. The following relate to this area.


Guildford Road

1982 Guildford Road Development Site



1907 Brochure of Drowley & Co, Builders & Contractors (showing houses in Hook Heath, Heathside, Maybury and Horsell - amongst other places)


Monument Road & Pollard Road

1896 (Nov 27) Auction Notice for properties in Old Woking & Maybury

1933 Auction Brochure


Mount Hermon 

1951 Auction Brochure for ‘Cavenham’ Mount Hermon Road


Old Hill, Egley Road 

1872 Admission


Old Woking Road

1907 Auction of Hoe Place, Old Woking

1938 Conveyance

1944 Conveyance

1992 Plans for Hoe Bridge Farm


Items Relating to Local Businesses

A number of items relate to local businesses, such as brochures, magazines, invoices etc. They are listed here.


Cotteridge Hotel Brochure

1920 Woking Co-operative Pictorial Souvenir

1952 Noel V Moore Price List

1953 Noel V Moore Price List

1960-1 Castle & Co Price List

1960 (Aug) James Walker & Co Ltd Bulletin

1971 (Sep) James Walker & Co Ltd Bulletin

1882-1982 James Walker & Company Limited


Items Relating to Local Organisations

Some items relate to local charities and organisations and such as political parties, uniformed organisations, societies, and religious groups.

1921 Woking Railwaymen’s Sick & Benefit Club Contribution Card & Rules


1940 History of the Southern Railwaymen's Orphanage (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

1969 Woking Whirl Programme

1993 St Francis Catholic First School (Final Year) Prospectus


Woking Boys Grammar School Magazines 

(Summer 1953)(Summer 1954) (Jan 1955) (Jul 1960) (Jan 1963)


Woking Girls Grammar School Magazines 

(1970-71) (1972-73) (1973-74) (1974-75) (1975-76)

Special 50th Anniversary (1923-73) Programme for 50th anniversary


St Dunstan’s Parish Magazines

(May 1988)(Oct? 1991) (Jul 1992) (Oct 1992) (Apr 1993) (Jul 1993) (Jan 1994) (Apr 1994) (Jul 1994)  (Oct 1994) (Jan 1995) (Apr 1995) (Jul 1995) (Oct 1995) (Xmas 1995) (Easter 1996) (Jul 1996) (Oct 1996) (Xmas 1996) (Easter 1997) (Oct 1997) (Xmas 1997) (Easter 1998) (Jul 1998) (Oct 1998) (Dec 1998) (Easter 1999) (Dec 1999)   


St Paul’s, Maybury Parish Magazines

1958 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (Apr) (May) (Jun) (Jul) (Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec)

1959 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (Apr) (May) (Jun) (Jul) (Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec)

1961 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (Apr) (May) (Jun) (Jul) (Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec)