The Coming of the Railway - Woking East Signal Box; Woking Yard Signal Box

Mystery Missing Railway - Pigot's Directory of 1839

Impact of the Railway - The Southampton Main Line

The Guildford Branch and Portsmouth Direct -  Banana Shed Development

     The Problem of Coaches being diverted to Woking Station - The Railway Times, 29th April 1843

The Three 'R's' - Reading, Religion and the Retired - Dame Schools, National Schools & British Schools; St John's School; All Saint's New Haw

Noncomformist Chapels in the 1840's & 50's - Old Woking Independent Chapel; Homewood Farm at Ripley; Brookwood Cemetery Chapels

Early 1850's - The Start of the Necropolis

Late 1850's - Woking's Invalid Convict Prison & Other Developments; Albion Hotel; St Peter's Church Clock

Early 1860's - The Royal Dramatic College; Methodist Chapels; Railway Mania

Mid 1860's - Prize Fights, Rough Music & Byfleet Parish Day; John Lynch & The Fenians at Woking; Brookwood Station

Late 1860's - The 2nd Surrey Pauper Lunatic Asylum at Brookwood; The Rastircks; Pyrford Church Restored

1870 - The Birth of Woking's Shopping Centre (High Street); The Great Fire of Old Woking; More News from Woking Prison, Woking Toy Fair and William Wainwright of Hoe Place.

1871 - The State of Woking's Roads; Surrey Industrial School at Byfleet Corner; Bisley Farm School.

1872 - The Mosaic Workers of Woking Prison; Restoration of Wisley Church; West Byfleet Tin Tabernacle and Woking's First Wesleyan Chapel.

1872 - 'From my Library' - Geography in Surrey for use in Schools

1873 - Broadmead Bridge Accident; Building the Shaftesbury Boys School; Princess Mary Village Home at Addlestone.

1874 - Woking School Board; Bisley Village Hall; The Basingstoke Canal in Liquidation.

1875 - Brookwood Hospital (New Buildings); Royal Dramatic College in the press; George Jackman & Belle of Woking.

1876 - The Great Agricultural Depression and Local Farm Sales; Henry Gloster & The Expansion of Woking's Shopping Centre; The Building of St Edward the Confessor R.C. Church at Sutton Place.

1876 -  The Building of Broadoaks - A Brief History of Broadoaks, West Byfleet.

1877 - Walter Slocock & Goldsworth Old Nursery; The Building of Knaphill School; Knaphill Wesleyan Sunday School and the First Christ Church in Woking.

1878 - ArthurJoseph Munby & Wheeler's Farm at Pyrford; The Cremation Society of England and St Johns, Bagshot Park.

1878-79 - The 1878 Post Office Street Directory (St Bernard's College at Hook Heath; Sowerbutt's Soap; Where was Wandle Road?; James Willgoos and The British Workman); St Peter's Church Window & Organ in 1878-79; Woking's White Christmas of 1878.

1879-80 - More work on Local Churches & Chapels in 1879-80; West End Common & The War Department in 1879; The Building of the shops of The Pavement in Chertsey Road in 1880.

1881 - Businessmen Farmers; Hospital Care in the Early 1880's (Brookwood Hospital; Ottershaw Isolation Hospital); A Look at the Log Book of Church Street School in Old Woking.

1882 - Kelly's Directory of 1882; Heathside Farm Sale; Sir James Whittiker Ellis and the Formation of Byfleet Fire Brigade.

1883 - Local Branch Lines & Stations (The Byfleet Link; Worplesdon Station; No Station for St Johns); Cross Lanes Farm Sale at Mount Hermon; Pullinger's Bakery opens in Chertsey Road.

1884 - Building Bigger Churches & Schools for a Growing Population; The Industrial School moves to Mayford Farm; Walsham Weir at Pyford.

1884-85 - The Case of Dr Price & Mrs Pickersgill and the First Legal Cremations in Britain; The Dilkes of Pyrford Rough; Byfleet Fire Station.

1886 - Businessman Farmer Edward Ryde buys Parsonage Farm in Old Woking; Brookwood Hospital expands with the building of the Water Tower and Home Farm; The West End at Chobham builds its Village Institute and the Gordon's School.

1887 - The Development around the new Byfleet & Woodham Station; Thomas Holloway's Sanatorium; The opening of Holloway College; Stanford's Guide to Surrey.

1887  - The New Christ Church in Woking; Woking Police Station; Chobham Village Hall

1888 - Arthur Althorp's Almanac; The Murder of George Chuter at Byfleet; Brunel's Bridge in Old Woking.

1888 - Arthur Althorp's Directory; Beating the Bounds at Bisley; The Formation of Woking Football Club (in Horsell).

1889 - The First Purpose-Built Mosque in Britain (Beat that London & Cardiff & Liverpool); The Infamous Florance Maybrick (Another Liverpool Link) and her life at Woking Female Prison; Samuel Morton Peto (Famous Victorian Builder & Railway Contractor).

1888-9 - The Irish Connection - Architects in Woking in the late 1880's (W I Chambers, E C Lee & W F Unsworth); The Countess of Meath's Homes at Ottershaw; Looking into the 'history' of  Sir Athur Conan Doyle's short story - Sherlock Holmes and 'The Naval Treaty'.

1890 - Problems with Drainage in Woking, Horsell & Byfleet (The inadequency of the Guildford Rural Sanitary Board); The Woking Electric Supply Company (Wesco); The Guildford Rural Highways Board.

1890 - The New Wimbledon at Bisley (The National Rifle Association's move to Bisley Common); The Rebuilding of Brookwood Station; The War Department take over Woking Invalid Convict Prison for Inkerman Barracks.

1891 - The Answer to the Question - Where was Wandle Road?; The Holroyd Family of Byfleet Mill; The Stoop's of West Hall in West Byfleet.

1892 - St Peter's Convent and Home at Maybury;  Long-Service Teachers at West End School; 'Bisley Bits' by the Rev Cater.

1893 - 'Working Amongst Gypsies' with Stanley Alder in West End and Chobham; Bisley Board School and the Williams Memorial Cottages; Pyrford Board School.

1892-3 - Death & Development - The rebuilding of Elmbridge; The Begininngs of Abbey Road, Clarence Avenue & Coley Avenue; Gloster's warehouse in Commercial Road, The Woking Station Estate in Chertsey Road (from Addison Road to Duke Street); the building of Woking's Gas Works in Boundary Road; and the death of George Smallpiece and Edward Ryde; plus the founding of Woking Golf Club at Hook Heath.

1893 - Annals to a Manor House by Frederick Harrison (a history of the Manor of Sutton, Woking - including Sutton Place at Sutton Green).

1893-4 - Independence for Woking - The creation of the Woking Local Board and their (failed)  attempts to solve the sewage problem; Woking Post Office moves; All Saints Church, Woodham.

1894-5 - Road Repairs & Street Lighting; St Paul's Church at Maybury; Development of the Pyle Hill Estate at Sutton Green, Jackman's land at St John's Hill, Cobbett's Nursery at The Grove & Chobham Road in Horsell's Wheatsheaf area and the laying out of the York Road Estate on land of Oaks Farm at Mount Hermon.

1895-6 - H G Wells and Woking; F C Selous, Pirbright's Big Game Hunter who settled at Fox Corner; H F Locke-King and the New Zealand, Sheerwater and Bleakdown (West Byfleet) Golf Clubs.

1895-6 - A Tale of Two Fire Brigades (Woking & Byfleet); The Closure of Woking Paper Mill; and the opening of Unwin Brother's St Martha Printing Works (now Gresham Mill) at Old Woking.

1896-7 - Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee prompts a building spree (the rebuilding of The Albion Hotel; the constriction of the Woking Public Halls, Constitutional Club and Christ Church Hall; the formation of the Woking Musical Society, the Woking Orchestral Society, the Woking Choral Society and the Woking Drama Club; the development of Woking Village Hall and Recreation Ground by F C Stoop and H F Locke-King; and the Woking, Horsell & Woodham Cottage Hospital in Bath Road's replacement by the Woking Victoria Hospital in Boundary Lane.

1897 - William Sydney Penley (Charley's Aunt) of The Vines at Goldsworth (now St James Court, St Johns Road); The Owen Artificial Stone Works at Worplesdon Station; Lloyd Derisley (and the developers of Derisley Close)  Butcher's of Byfleet.

1898-9 - Woking Fire Brigade and the Fire at the Woking Urban District Council Offices above Ashby's Bank (later Barclays Bank, on the corner of Broadway and Chertsey Road), as well as the building of the new fire station in Commercial Road and the Woking Laundry Fire in Maybury Road; The building of Woking Sewage Works at Carters Lane in Old Woking; St Peter's Memorial Home Chapel at Maybury Hill and Sandy Lane.

1899-1900 - The Growth of Woking in the 19th Century including the coming of the railway, necropolis and institutions (including the Byfleet Girls School at Byfleet Hall and the Byfleet High School for Boys); The Deeds of Bridley Manor; W A Elton's opening in Chertsey Road, Woking.

1900-01 - Non-Conformist Chapels in Woking, including the Wesleyans (Methodists) in Commercial Road, Maybury, Walton Road, Knaphill, Brookwood, St Johns, Byfleet and apparently Old Woking;   Brethren and Congregationalists in West Byfleet; and the York Road Congregational Church. Also the Cartbridge Congregational Church; and Horsell Evangelical Church

The election results for Woking Urban District Council 1895-1901