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The boundaries of what I think of a West Byfleet, Byfleet & Pyrford may not be the same as your interpretation, and any local authority or ecclesiastical boundaries may well have changed over time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, it may be in a neighbouring area or perhaps one of the more general sections.

For instance the Sandy Lane/East Hill/Maybury Estate and the Sheerwater areas were historically in Pyrford, but the former are included in the 'Heathside' section with the latter under the 'Town Centre' section. The houses of Old Avenue, however, are included here as is Hollies Avenue & Woodlands Avenue (which were originally marketed as the 'Sheerwater Estate' back in the 1930's). There may also be some parts of what is now considered 'Weybridge' that were historically in Bylfeet included in this section (such as Brooklands and parts of St George's Hill).

I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.

Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.


Deeds, Sales Brochures Etc.

I have been lent or given various deeds, sales brochures, etc., for properties all over the Woking area, some of which I have scanned an put on this site. The following relate to this area.



1960's Clock House, Byfleet

1967 Weymede, Byfleet

1969 The Willows, Byfleet

1970s Foxlake, Byfleet

1971 9th December Church Road, Byfleet

1984 High Road, Byfleet

1987 Chestnut Walk, Byfleet




1939 Inventory of the Furniture & Effects at The End House, Pyrford

1989 Auction Brochure for Pyrford Place


West Byfleet

1970s Cobby Mitcham Ltd Development, Dartnell Park, West Byfleet

1970s Tenniswood & Dawe Ltd Development, Dartnell Park, West Byfleet


Items Relating to Local Businesses & the M25

A number of items relate to local businesses, such as brochures, magazines, invoices etc. They are listed here.


1940’s 50’s & 60’s Invoices - Byfleet, West Byfleet & Pyrford

1974 The Fellowship Trust Annual Report

1984 (Oct) Henshall Aimline


1977 M25 (Chertsey—South of Byfleet Section) Dept of Transport Plans

1986 The M25 Orbital Motorway

1994 Various items relating to the Proposed Widening of the M25


Items Relating to Local Organisations

Some items relate to local charities and organisations and such as political parties, uniformed organisations, societies, and religious groups.


National Newspaper Coverage of the Pageant of St George (1926)

Byfleet St Mary’s Christmas Fair Programmes (1971) (1975)

Manor County Infants School, Byfleet, Wild West Bonanza Programme (1974)

BADGER (Byfleet Against Disruption by Gravel Extraction Racket) Newsletter (Jul 1984)

Byfleet Village Voice (Oct 1981)

Byfleet Advertiser (No 1 - 5/11/1981)(No 5 - 10/12/1981) (No 7 - 9/1/1982)

Byfleet Village Day (1985)

The Villager (Byfleet) (Nov 1987)  (Dec 1987)

Byfleet Community Action Newsletter (Oct 1992) (Jan 1993)

Byfleet Library Newsletter (May 1993)

Byfleet Heritage Society Newsletter (Jul 1997) (Oct 1997)

Brooklands News (Autumn 1993)

West Byfleet At Your Service - West Byfleet Business Association (Oct 1993)


Parish Magazines

Wisley with Pyrford Parish Magazine (May 1950) (Oct 1952) (Nov 1952)

Byfleet Parish Magazines (Apr 1968)(Mar 1970) (Jun 1970), (Dec 1970)

Byfleet Parish Newsletter (Jan 1970) (Feb 1971) (Jun 1971) (Jan 1972) (Mar 1972) (Apr 1972) (Sep 1972) (Oct 1972)

Byfleet Byword - Methodist, St. Mary’s, St. Thomas More (Nov 1980) (Nov 1981) (Jan 1982) (Mar 1982)

St Mary’s News, Byfleet (Oct 1989) (Feb 1990) (Dec 1990) (Jan 1991) (Feb 1991) (Jun 1992) (Jul/Aug 1992) (Oct 1992) (Apr 1993) (May 1993) (Jul/Aug 1993) (Sep 1993) (Nov 1993) (Feb 1994) (Mar 1994)

Grassroots (Newsletter of Byfleet Parish Council)  (Winter 1991) (Summer 1992) (Xmas 1992) (Summer 1993)


The Resident

(Bulletin of the Byfleet, West Byfleet & Pyrford Residents’ Association)

(Summer 1986) (Winter 1986) (Summer 1987) (Winter 1987) (Winter 1996) (Summer 1999)


Byfleet Profile

Byfleet’s Independent Magazine

(Mar 1988) (May 1988) (Jun 1988) (Aug 1988) (Sep 1988)

(Dec 1989)

(Feb 1990) (Mar 1990) (Apr 1990) (May 1990)

(Jan 1991) (Jun/Jul 1991) (Aug 1991) (Sep 1991) (Oct 1991) (Nov 1991) (Dec 1991)

(Jan 1992) (Feb 1992) (Mar 1992) (Apr 1992) (May 1992) (Jul 1992)


Byfleet Parish Day

Programmes  (1966)(1968) (1970) (1971)(1972) (1973) (1974) (1975) (1976) (1979) (1980) (1985) (1986) (1991) (1993) (1994) (1997)

Byfleet Parish Day Cycle Race Programmes (1969 - 1972) (1974 - 1976)


Pyrford Flower Show

Programme (1971)(1972) (1985) (1996) (1997)



Undated (but post 1902) Some Materials towards a History of Wisley & Pyrford Parishes—Edited by R Ashington Bullen

1934 Byfleet Church History by Leonard Stevens


St Nicholas’ & St Martins Homes & the Rowley Bristow Hospital

1920s/30s St Nicholas & St Martins Hospitals Teacher’s Assistants Contract

1938 St Nicholas & St Martins Hospitals Annual Report

1940 St Nicholas Home - Egg Week

1941 St Nicholas & St Martins Hospitals, Pyrford, Inventory & Valuation

The Rowley Bristow Group Hospital Annual Report (1951-52) (1952-53) (1953-54) (1954-55) (1955-56) (1956-57) (1957-59)

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