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The Geology & Geography of Woking - Woking Field Club Visit to Knaphill Brickworks; Old Woking Flood Plain.

A more detailed look at the 'History' of the Bagshot Sands - What Historians, Geographers & Geologist have written about the Bagshot Sands.

     A more detailed look at the Geology of Surrey - from The Surrey Countryside (University of Surrey 1975)

Stone Age Woking - Palaeolithic Brockhill on Goldsworth Park and other local finds; Pyrford's Prehistoric Ritual Sites; Neolithic Farmers and the Creation of Woking Heath.

Bronze Age & Iron Age Woking - Horsell Common and other local Bronze Age Burials; Local Finds including Palstaves from Sheerwater and Goldsworth Park.

Roman Woking - Romano-British Settlements at The Hockering, Old Woking, Mayford, Wisley & Byfleet; Roman Road Routes; Roman Coins from Brooklands at Byfleet, Pyrford, Mayford and Goldsworth.

Saxon Surrey - Chertsey Abbey; St Peter's looking after the sick for over 1,000 years; Chobham Mill.

The Victorian Excavations of Chertsey Abbey -  King Alfred the Great's Ultimate Insult to Guildford.

Saxon Woking - Where was the Settlement of Wochingas?; St Peter's Church Door; Woking's Monastery.

Other Pre-Conquest Places in Woking - Beating the Bounds of Woking & Chertsey; Horsell's Boundary Road; Byfleet's Ancient Boundary by the Wey & St George's Hill.

Beating the Bounds of Pyrford - As recorded in 956AD.

Domesday Woking - Woking (including Mayford?), Sutton, Pyrford (including Horsell) and Byfleet.

    Domesday in Detail - Local Entries from the Hundred's of Woking & Godley.

Norman Churches of Woking - Old Woking, Pyrford, Wisley, Chobham, Bisley, Byfleet, Ripley, Send & Worplesdon; The Wall Paintings at Byfleet & Pyrford.

What's in a Name - How about Royal Woking Bassett - The Bassett Family of Woking & Wycombe; The Broadmeads Tournament Ground?; Runnymede & Magna Carta.

A Bit More on the Bassetts - The Bassett Family Tree (and the reason for this website's colour scheme).

Newark Priory - If this is the 'New' Work, where was the Old?; Recycling the Ruins at Ockham; Industrial Archaeology of Newark, the Eel Trap & Mill.

More Notes on Newark -  Based on the 1928 Excavation Report.

The Despenser's & Piers Gaveston - 'Local' Edwardian Favourites; Monument Hill Crop Marks; Forest Laws; DeLucy of Byfleet.

    The deClare Sisters and the Politics of the 14th Century

Place Names of the 13th Century - Mayford, Brookwood, Knaphill, Goldworth, Hook Heath, Bisley & Elmbridge.

From the Black Prince to the Black Death - The Black Prince at Byfleet; The Black Death at Farnham & St Catherine's Guildford.

Woking and the Start of the War of the Roses - The Beauforts of Woking; Pilgrimage to the grave of Henry VI at Chertsey Abbey

Hunting out the History of Horsell & The Hermitage - Listed Buildings in Horsell Churchyard; The Growth of Pirbright Church.

Woking - A Palace fit for a King - Woking Palace,  Lord Stanley & Cardinal Wolsey.

Looking after the Land - Farm Animals - From Inventories, Assizes and Other Records; Sheep Keeping on Woking Common in the Mid 19th Century; Cattle on the Common then and now.

Looking after the Land - The Crops in the Fields - From Crop Returns, Tithe Maps, Inventories & Other Records; Enclosures of Common Fields; Brook Place at Chobham; Stanley Farm at Knaphill.

Medieval Assarts and Forest Laws - Records of the Eyre & Assizes; Squatters on the Common;  Donkey Town at West End.

Common Rights - Meadows, Heaths and Woods; Smarts Heath; St Johns Lye & the Evidence of Common Rights in the mid 19th century.

Medieval River Crossings - Fords & Bridges at Pyrford, Durnford, Crockford, Shackleford, Mayford, Byfleet & Woking; Leigh Bennett's accident in Church Street in 1899; The Broadmead Bridge accident of 1872.

Medieval Roads - Recorded in Wills, Assize Records & Other Documents; Thomas Munday Highwayman; Tracks across the Common.

15th Century Open Hall Houses of Woking - Including East Guise Farm at Horsell and Synacles in Old Woking.

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