The boundaries of what I think of a Brookwood & Knaphill may not be the same as your interpretation, and any local authority or ecclesiastical boundaries may well have changed over time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for in this section, it may be in a neighbouring area or perhaps one of the more general sections.

For Instance I have included Brookwood Cemetery & the West Hill Golf Club in this area, but the Worplesdon Golf Club and what is now generally referred to as 'Worplesdon Hill' are in the 'Mayford' section. The Brookwood Hospital estate is here, but Inkerman is included in St Johns (together with The Hermitage Estate). Some parts of what we now think of as Knaphill were historically within Horsell (such as Knaphill Nursery), whilst other parts that some might think of as  in Knaphill when they were developed are more logically included in Goldsworth Park now. I hope it is not too confusing!

I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.

Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.


Deeds, Sales Brochures Etc.

I have been lent or given various deeds, sales brochures, etc., for properties all over the Woking area, some of which I have scanned an put on this site. The following relate to this area.



Bagshot Road -

1915 Conveyance


Connaught Road -

Various Dated Indentures etc


Station Road -

1898 Indenture

1900 Indenture

1907 Indenture



The Broadway -

1935 Abstract of Title

1950 Conveyance

1950 Abstract of Title


Chobham Road -

1935 Abstract of Title

1953 Copy of 1883 Order of Exchange for land of Knaphill Church


Englefield Road -

1963 Land Certificate


Items Relating to Brookwood Cemetery

1899, May - London Necropolis Company Brochure

Undated Guide to The Columbarium

Undated Guide to the Cemetery Charges

Undated Guide to Brookwood Cemetry and the Glades of Remembrance

Items Relating to Local Businesses

A number of items relate to local businesses, such as brochures, magazines, invoices etc. They are listed here.


1867-8 Book of Reference Additional Works to Brookwood Station

1920 Woking Co-operative Pictorial Souvenir which includes information on the original Knaphill Branch

1985 (Spring) Knap Hill Nursery News

1987 (Spring) Knap Hill Nursery News


Items Relating to Local Organisations

Some items relate to local charities and organisations and such as political parties, uniformed organisations, societies, and religious groups.


1993 Brookwood Hospital Show

1999 (Apr) (June) (Aug) Target (West Woking)