I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.

Generally this section contains Guidebooks such as the Homeland Series, and those published by or for Woking Council (Woking Urban District Council & Woking Borough Council) or the Woking Chamber of Trade. Some of the scans are divided into two so that the files are not too large to download.

It also features Directories, such as the Kelly's & Post Office Directories and Street Directories published by the Woking News & Mail. Again some of the scans are divided into two or more sections so that the files are not too large to download.

A third section lists Newspapers & Magazines, such as the Woking News & Mail,Woking Review, Woking Opinion, Woking Herald and  Woking Informer, but also some newspapers and magazines produced by or for the Council, such as the Woking Area News', the 'Woking Magazine' and the 'What's On in Woking'.

Finally there are a few local bus and train timetables.

Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.



1905 Homeland Handbook for Woking (Guide)

1905 Homeland Handbook for Woking (Adverts)

1921 Woking Guide

1926/27 Woking Guide

Undated (but obviously 1920’s or 30s) The Residential Attractions of Woking, with the complements of Messrs. S. Atherton & Co. Ltd.

1930 Woking Chamber of Trade Guide

1956 Woking Guide

1963 Woking Guide

1969 Woking Guide (1st Half) (2nd Half)

1972 Woking Guide (1st Half) (2nd Half)

1972/3 Woking Book

1975 Woking Guide (1st Half) (2nd Half)

1985 Woking Guide

1988/9 Woking Guide

1991/2 Woking Guide

1994 Woking Guide



1888 Arthur Althorp’s Woking Almanac & Directory

1899 Kelly’s Directory listing for Woking

1916 Horsell Street Directory

1921 Woking Street Directory

1922 Kelly’s Directory listings for Woking  & Horsell

1924 Kelly’s Directory listings for Woking, Byfleet, Horsell & Pyrford

1937 Woking Street Directory (Local Memoranda) (Roads A - L) (Roads M - Z & Villages)

1948 Woking Street Directory (Local Memoranda) (Roads A-L) (Roads M-Z) (Villages)

Undated (but probably 1950’s or before) Telephone Book Cover and Business Index.

1957 Woking Street Directory (Local Memoranda) (Roads A-G) (Roads H-Q) (Roads R-Z) (Horsell, Sheerwater & Woodham) (Byfleet, West Byfleet & Pyrford)

1964 Woking Street Directory (Local Memoranda) (Roads A&B) (C&D) (EFG) (HIJ) (KLM) (NOPQ) (RSTU) (VWXY) (Trade A-E) (F-H) (I-R) (S-Z)

1966 Woking & District GPO Telephone Directory

1968 Woking & District GPO Telephone Directory

1968 Woking Street Directory (Local Memoranda & A - C) (D - N) (O - Z) (Trade Directory)

1970 Woking & District Post Office Telephone Directory

1980 Woking & District Post Office Telephone Directory

1985 Guildford & District Postcodes

1986/7 Woking Chamber of Trade & Commerce Yearbook

1987/8 Tele-Pages Business Directory - Woking

1987/8 Thomson Local - Guildford Woking area

1989 Tele-Pages Business Directory - Woking

1990 Woking Chamber of Trade & Commerce Directory

1990 Tele-Pages Business Directory - Woking

1991 Tele-Pages Business Directory - Woking

1993/4 The Red Card Woking Information

1993/4 Companies in Woking

1995/6 Tele-Pages Business Directory - Woking

1996 Woking Chamber of Trade & Commerce Directory

1996/7 Thomson Local - Guildford Woking area

1998 The Red Card Woking & Guildford Information

1998/9 The Short List Woking Information Card


Newspapers/Magazines & Special Supplements

1914 Woking News & Mail 20th Anniversary Supplement

1919 Woking News & Mail Peace Celebrations Special

1920 Woking Co-operative Pictorial Souvenir

National Newspaper Coverage of the Pageant of St George (1926)

1927 Miniature Woking News & Mail Special Edition

1933 (June) Woking Review (first issue)

1935 Woking News & Mail Royal Silver Jubilee Supplement

1953 Woking Opinion Coronation Supplement

1954 Woking News & Mail Diamond Jubilee Souvenir

1971 (Mar) Woking Area News (1)

1971 (Oct) Woking Area News (2)

1972 Woking News & Mail Advertising Supplement

1973 (Nov) Woking Area News (6)

1988 (May) Woking Informer, Woking 150 Supplement

1988 (May) Woking News & Mail, Woking 150 Supplement

1988 (May) Commercial Review

1992 Surrey Herald & News Centenary

1994 Woking News & Mail Souvenir Centenary Supplement

1994 Business Report

1995 Business Report

Woking Citizens Guide (1976) (1983) (1984) (1985) (1986/7) (1987/8) (1989) (1990/1) (1991/2) (1993/4)


Woking Magazine

(Issue 1 undated) (Issue 2 Undated) (Oct 1990) (Spring 1991) (Apr 1992)

(Jul 1992) (Spring/Summer 1993) (Summer 1993) (Spring/Summer 1994) (Summer/Autumn 1994) (Winter 1994) (Spring/Summer 1995) (Winter 1995) (Spring/Summer 1996) (Autumn 1996) (Spring 1997) (Summer/Autumn 1997) (Winter 1997) (Spring 1998) (Autumn 1998) (Spring 1999) (Autumn 1999) (Winter 1999)


Whats On in Woking

1970 (May) Woking & Byfleet What’s On

1990 (Oct)

1991 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (May) (Jun) (Jul) (Aug) (Sep) (Oct)

1992 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (Jul) (Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec)

1993 (Jan) (Feb) (Mar) (Apr) (Jun) (Jul/Aug) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec/Jan)

1994 (Feb) (May) (Jun) (Jul/Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec/Jan)

1995 (Feb) (Mar) (May) (Jun) (Jul/Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec/Jan)

1996 (Feb) (Mar) (Apr)  (Jun) (Jul/Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Dec/Jan)

1997 (Feb) (May) (Jul/Aug) (Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec/Jan) 

1998 (Apr) (May) (Aug/Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec/Jan)

1999 (Feb) (May) (Aug/Sep) (Oct) (Nov) (Dec)



Bus Timetable Revision Notices; 1948 (6th Apr) Aldershot& District Route 69/70; 1948 (10th Oct) Aldershot & District Route 5a

Bus Timetables; Wey Farer Bus Timetable 1980; Alder Valley Bus Timetable Oct 1986; Woking & Surrey Heath effective from 26 Oct 1986; Amendment Book effective from 1 Feb 1987; Woking Travel Guide Feb 1992; Woking Travel Guide Oct 1992; Woking Travel Guide from 17 May 1993; Woking Travel Guide from 3 Sep 1994; Woking TravelWise Bus & Train Guide from Apr 1997; Surrey Sunday Bus Guide from 31 Mar 1996

Rail Timetable; 1924 (Sep 22nd) Southern Railway Time Table; 1950 Woking & District Railway Time Tables; 1955 Guildford & District Rail & Bus Guide