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I have tried to divide the archive into logical sections to make finding things easier, but this is not a comprehensive list of items in my archive, just an indication of some of the pre-2000 items I hold, so if you cannot find what you are looking for please ask.

Not everything has been scanned, but those that have are highlighted in blue on the list, so if you find something listed in white that you are interested in please let me know and I will try to get it up on this site as soon as possible.

Woking Urban District Council, Woking District Council and Woking Borough Council Minutes –

I have copies of Council Minutes from April 1931 to March 1998, but have so far only managed to scan and upload two months - 1938-39 - (Mar) 1939-40 - (Apr)  - whether I will ever get around to scanning all the rest will depend on demand, so if there is a specific date that you would like to see, please let me know. Otherwise they are all available to be viewed (during normal office hours) by appointment.

If anyone has copies of the council minutes pre April 1931 (or post March 1998), please let me know.

Also if anybody has copies of the minutes of any of the old Parish Councils, Highways Boards, Sanitary Boards, Local Boards, or  Chertsey Rural District Council prior to Pyrford and the Byfleets being transferred to Woking, please let me know.

MIscellanious Items

1899 Plans for Woking Sewage Works Houses

1911 9th May, Surrey County Council, Easter Quarter Session Meeting Agenda & Minutes

1928 North West Surrey Regional Planning Scheme Report

1928 North West Surrey Regional Planning Scheme Map

1941 Advise for Bombed Civilians

1965 Woking Town Centre Redevelopment Road Proposals

1970s County Hall Proposal

1970's Woking Centre Halls Plans

1970s Woking Centre Halls Brochure

1970s Woking Centre Halls and Leisure Centre Catering Brochure

1970s Woking Library - A New Look

1973 Woking Centre Pool Opening

1970s Surrey County Council Home Safety Handbook

1972 Surrey County Council—A Summary of Studies for a New County HQ

Part of an article by H.P, Tame (Deputy Engineer and Surveyor, Woking) on ‘The Kings Highway and “Things to Come”’ (p731-786).

Copy of article by H.P. Tame (Deputy Engineer and Surveyor, Woking), on ‘The Provision and Maintenance of Non-Skid Surfaces to Carriageways’ (p487-496) in the Journal of the Institution of Municipal & County Engineers, No 8, 9th October 1934

Copy of the Journal of the Town Planning Institute, Volume XXIII No II, September 1937, containing an article by H.P. Tame (Deputy Engineer and Surveyor, Woking) on ‘Highway Amenities’.


1994/95 (Jul 1993) Housing Strategy for Woking

1995/98 (Jul 1994) Housing Strategy for Woking

1996/99 (Jul 1995) Housing Strategy for Woking

1997/2000 (Jul 1996) Housing Strategy for Woking


Environment & Countryside

1992 Countryside Strategy for Woking

1992 Basingstoke Canal through Woking—A Policy Study Summary

1993 An Environmental Strategy for Woking—Consultation Draft

1997 New Countryside Strategy—Consultation Draft

1997 Environmental Strategy for the 21st Century

1998 The Countryside Strategy for Woking


Annual Reports & Accounts

1963/1964 Annual Report

1965/1966 Annual Report

1980/1981 Woking Borough Council Annual Report & Accounts

1983/1984 Woking Borough Council Annual Report & Accounts

1986/1987 Woking Borough Council Annual Report & Accounts

1987/1988 Woking Borough Council Annual Report & Accounts


Business & Economics

1993 Economic Development Plan for Woking

Woking Borough Council Business Briefing (Mar 1993) (Mar 1994) (Dec 1994) (Apr 1996) (May 1997) (Feb 1999)

Woking Borough Council Business Matters (Sep 1996)


Sport & Leisure

Woking Leisure Diary (Jun 1977) (Jul/Aug 1977)

Arts & Entertainment Calendar (1992) (Apr 1993-Mar 1994)

Woking Leisure Programme (Summer 1993) (Autumn 1993) (Spring 1994) (Summer 1994) (Spring 1996) (Summer 1996) (Summer 1997)

1997 Woking Leisure Strategy 1997-2002

Children’s Holiday Activities (Summer 1993) (Dec 1993) (Summer 1994) (Summer 1995) (Oct 1995) (Feb 1996) (Oct? 1996) (Summer 1997) (Summer 1999)


1980’s Woking Borough Local Plan

Woking Borough District Plan Sight Setting Papers;

Brief Statement of Issues (Oct 1981)

No 1 Employment (Feb 1982)

No 2 Shopping (Mar 1982)

No 3 Housing (Jul 1982)

No 4 Town Centre (Jul 1982)

No 5 Green Belt (Jul 1982)

No 6 Environment (Nov 1982)

No 7 Recreation (Mar 1983)

No 8 Community Services (May 1983)


Woking Borough Local Plan

Consultative Draft (Nov 1984)

Consultative Draft Written Statement—Walton Road Inset (Mar 1985)

Consultative Draft Written Statement—Town Centre Inset (Mar 1985)

Consultative Draft Written Statement—Knaphill Village & Brookwood Inset (Mar 1985)


Woking Borough Local Plan - Deposited (Jul 1987)

Woking Borough Local Plan - Inspectors Report (Jul 1989)


1990’s Woking Borough Local Plan

Woking Borough Local Plan (May 1993)

Village Centre Draft Strategy– Horsell (Mar 1995)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Old Woking (Jun 1995)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Kingfield (Jul 1995)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—West Byfleet (Oct 1995)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Byfleet (Mar 1996)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Goldsworth Park (Mar 1996)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Pyrford (Jul 1996)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—St Johns (Jul 1996)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Knaphill (Oct 1996)

Village Centre Draft Strategy—Brookwood (Nov 1996)


Local Plan Review - Towards Woking Borough 2006 (Oct 1995)

Woking Borough Local Plan - Deposit Draft (Nov 1996)

Woking Borough Local Plan - Environmental Appraisal (Nov 1996)

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